I need a new hobby…

STOCKHOLM (AP) — A Swedish man who was arrested after trying to split atoms in his kitchen said Wednesday he was only doing it as a hobby.

Good for him. Seriously, I mean what a cool hobby. My hobbies are not dangerous. I need to up my danger exposure – I think that might be what’s missing in my life.

Last night was long and fun – had dinner with the crew – then late night cold beverages. It’s hot here… hot night time – don’t you love it.

So I am going to meet up with my friend Roger at a steakhouse in the city tonight. It will be great to see him and receive the “busting of balls” for the salad I am going to order at a Steakhouse… Sorry Roggie

I am headed to lunch, Dee Daa Thai – Dangerous?

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See you soon SF…

On my way to the NYC Manhattan Office sitting between someone reading Steinbeck on a Kindle and a woman eating Sashimi.

Both offences.

Steinbeck should be enjoyed via pages, paper pages – sacrilege that it’s available on a Kindle. This is something I have been torn on for quite some time. Electronic means of reading literature, news paper and magazines will most definitely cut back on waste and save trees – but the enjoyment of holding a book, dog earring pages, rolled up newspaper or sharing a section with someone close, grabbing a magazine as a comfort blanket at a doctors’ visit… Torn

Dear Woman who thought that bringing sashimi to eat was a great idea in an enclosed space with re-circulated air; it was not.

I have to say I am still amazed by the invention of air travel, of any kind.

I have two weeks in NYC and leave behind a sick sister, a messy room, all of the people that I love and the SF weather… It’s hot here.. Happy – sleepy and ready to work!

Cabby – please take me to the Fitz on 44th and Lex

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Where did you go?

Back from NYC
Settled back in …
Celebrated Sprague’s Birthday
Gave my Farwell wishes to Manchev
Finally met Kirby’s legendary mother…and aunt. Taught them the art of keeping beautiful boob while lying down.
Celebrated my father’s 70th Birthday
Celebrated Isaac’s Birthday – and was told that I was his favorite aunt… whew… 11 years running.
Celebrated Amarjit Birthday
Was able to see a wedding of two people that you just know will grow old together – congratulations again Maria!
Easter with my extended family Mark, Kathy, Danielle, Eric and Adam…I just love you all so much.
Wintergreen VA for a week, Pulled Pork, Zip lining, Blue Ridge Mountains, snowmen of all things, ordering take out to the airport…

Fruit week at work..


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Times have changed and times are strange

Here I come, but I ain’t the same

Mama, I’m coming home

Times gone by seems to be

You could have been a better friend to me

Mama, I’m coming home

Driver gets here at 7am, last NYC workday, Jet Blue at 7pm, San Francisco by 11pm



You made me cry, You told me lies

But, I cant stand to say goodbye

Mama, I’m coming home


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Tomodachi is Japanese for Friend

Have you ever seen a Bunraku performance?

It’s a form of traditional Japanese Puppet Theater, I guess performed here in the West it’s slightly modified and less “traditional” – I saw one once, it was beautiful, in an outside theater, in the middle of the summer, live music… the story involved a Tsunami and I remember a love interest, a fight scene and a test of friendship.

This last week has had a theme; tremendous test of will in challenging circumstances and the most amazing examples of humanity and kindness. Unfortunately for me, no love interest.  I of course am referring to Japan being hit by one of the largest earthquakes ever recorded on March 11, and the Tsunami and nuclear disaster to follow.. and In no way am I comparing the two but I am also talking about this last work week.

You have heard the phrase I’ve got your back, right?

Definition: An expression assuring someone that you are watching out for them. Comes from making sure you are safe by watching what’s behind you when you’re busy looking ahead.

Attached is a video explanation:


I want to say thank you to the people that “got my back” this week (*ah hem) Clayton and Michael and to all of you that always get my back…you know who you are. I truly hope to always return the favor.

Thank you to everyone helping with all of the pain and uncertainty in Japan right now. If it’s donating to a cause, volunteering or just keeping the people of Japan in your thoughts…

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Love Letter to San Francisco

Dear S.F.,

I never knew that distance between us would cause this ache in my heart. Nestled in the arms of what most consider the sexier, more sophisticated, edgier version of you….leaves me wanting. N.Y. may be all of those things but he is colder more abrasive and definitely less welcoming than you are. I miss you. I miss your warmth, your parks, your parking places, your lively and beautiful bridges that take me to beautiful places, your friendly people, Grass – trees – the ocean, my home, my coffee shop, my friends, my office, all the wonderful things that make you SF – Alcatraz, Sutro Tower, The Golden Gate Bridge, Embarcadero, Cable Cars, BART, all the cyclist, your cute little neighborhoods… I love everything about you, you expensive city you… I will be home soon!

I also miss, ROCK, 5553, James and Beth, Sidney, M&M, Moo, Bug, Sprague, Krista & Fam, Simi & the boys, Steve, Meekers, Pavey, JenJen and Mark, Gina and Ryan, G, Emily, the entirety of the M Din group, Eva, Linsey & Jeff and THE B, Mitz, RyanH, Pat, Icks, Everyone at the office 2000 Sierra Point.

11 days and counting…

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HIGH 5 if you have to…..

Last night on my way home I shamelessly was snooping over the shoulder of the person sitting next to me on the bus. She came into the bus inappropriately dressed for the weather. Cute little mini dress, tights and knee high leather boots with a cute big sequins zebra stripped bag with neon green piping and a sparkly pink datebook she pulled right out of it. She opened it up to this week. Friday had a highlighter box drawn around it …inside it said in a cloud bubble {Irish Pub /Payday/Scott} I thought it was so cute, she couldn’t have been older than 24, just adorable and I had to say I was jealous of her plans for Friday night. I wish I too was getting paid, going to an Irish Pub with Scott, and judging by the looks of this chick I bet he was hot.

I can tell you this – there is a pretty good chance that between the hours of little miss cutie patutie’s 3rd or 4th Guinness I will be on the 163T on my way back to Jersey, Unpaid, sober and not with Scott…

This trip has taught me a few good lessons and few I never wanted to learn.

If an opportunity comes your way to push yourself in every way imaginable: Take it! You would be crazy not to. Just remember: take care of yourself physically and emotionally don’t forget to take a few moments and appreciate what you shoved yourself in the middle of. Self congratulate, self evaluate, be fair to yourself and celebrate your Chutzpah with a glass of very expensive champagne.

Keep your priorities straight. Live honestly.

8 hours of sleep IS important, wash your face EVERY night, the bus is CHEAP and DIRTY, don’t complain it NEVER sounds good not matter how you deliver it, STAY positive, work HARD, HELP others, HELP yourself, there should be NO ROOM in your life for CRAP only KINDNESS, appreciate those around you, SEIZE the moment, HUG it out and SHARE your toys, Get DIRTY, HIGH 5 if you have to, Close the DEAL, feel COMPASSION but don’t COMPROMISE yourself.

Spend your entire paycheck at an Irish Bar with a boy named Scott!

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