HIGH 5 if you have to…..

Last night on my way home I shamelessly was snooping over the shoulder of the person sitting next to me on the bus. She came into the bus inappropriately dressed for the weather. Cute little mini dress, tights and knee high leather boots with a cute big sequins zebra stripped bag with neon green piping and a sparkly pink datebook she pulled right out of it. She opened it up to this week. Friday had a highlighter box drawn around it …inside it said in a cloud bubble {Irish Pub /Payday/Scott} I thought it was so cute, she couldn’t have been older than 24, just adorable and I had to say I was jealous of her plans for Friday night. I wish I too was getting paid, going to an Irish Pub with Scott, and judging by the looks of this chick I bet he was hot.

I can tell you this – there is a pretty good chance that between the hours of little miss cutie patutie’s 3rd or 4th Guinness I will be on the 163T on my way back to Jersey, Unpaid, sober and not with Scott…

This trip has taught me a few good lessons and few I never wanted to learn.

If an opportunity comes your way to push yourself in every way imaginable: Take it! You would be crazy not to. Just remember: take care of yourself physically and emotionally don’t forget to take a few moments and appreciate what you shoved yourself in the middle of. Self congratulate, self evaluate, be fair to yourself and celebrate your Chutzpah with a glass of very expensive champagne.

Keep your priorities straight. Live honestly.

8 hours of sleep IS important, wash your face EVERY night, the bus is CHEAP and DIRTY, don’t complain it NEVER sounds good not matter how you deliver it, STAY positive, work HARD, HELP others, HELP yourself, there should be NO ROOM in your life for CRAP only KINDNESS, appreciate those around you, SEIZE the moment, HUG it out and SHARE your toys, Get DIRTY, HIGH 5 if you have to, Close the DEAL, feel COMPASSION but don’t COMPROMISE yourself.

Spend your entire paycheck at an Irish Bar with a boy named Scott!

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