35 Berdan; Bus Station; 162T; Port Authority; 7 Train; Grand Central; Grand Central Tower 15th Floor

35 Berdan > Bus Station > 162T > Port Authority > 7 Train > Grand Central > Grand Central Tower 15th Floor

I really thought that I would be able to blog more frequently but I have been working my ass off here in NY. Just an idea of what my days are like. I wake up around 6am – shower and walk to the bus stop, on a good day the bus is an hour ride into the Port Authority, I then walk to the belly of the PA to the 7 train – take that to Grand Central walk two blocks to 45th and Lexington where I get my 2nd cup of coffee and head up to the 15th floor to *ah hem* START my day –

I don’t leave the office on average until 7:30 – 8pm on the one good day it was 630 – mostly 8 /9pm then I take a nice brisk 20 minute stroll to the Port Authority, get on a late night 10pm bus sometimes the 9pm bus and get home right in time to finish more work, shower get ready for bed and do it all over again.

Just in case anyone is feeling ignored it’s because of the above…

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