Does Barbie drink Tang?

Last night was Sunday;

I was working under the Buzz Lightyear blanket on the child size bed that Christopher James Morrison so kindly is letting me borrow during my stay. Leaning against the oversize Lighting McQueen pillow, I rolled over on something very hard and painful. I reached underneath me and grabbed a very small grey figure wearing a space costume with the name KEN written on the shoulder, sporting a pair of Hot Pink Stilettos. It was Barbie from Toy Story, Wearing Kens Astronaut Costume. Why I ask?

Was she sent to do a “mans” job and of course there was no Woman’s Space suit? Was this some sort of fantasy for Ken and Barbie was being dutiful? Was she playing dress up because that’s what we do…? Is this Ken cross dressing?

Then I thought what the hell is wrong with me and these questions in my head, am I this bitter, Am I this sexist, am I this kinky?… Do I think too much…?

So I asked. Apparently, she was saving Buzz from a fate of having to speak Spanish for the remainder of his toy existence and assisted the Coalition of Toys from being ruled by a modern day Nazi Germany. All that in unflattering aluminized insulation layers of silver Ortho-Fabric and hot pink Stilettos.

Things are not always as they appear.

Example, if anyone ever asks you to try Chinese “candy” I assure you, there is NO SUCH THING!

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