Love Letter to San Francisco

Dear S.F.,

I never knew that distance between us would cause this ache in my heart. Nestled in the arms of what most consider the sexier, more sophisticated, edgier version of you….leaves me wanting. N.Y. may be all of those things but he is colder more abrasive and definitely less welcoming than you are. I miss you. I miss your warmth, your parks, your parking places, your lively and beautiful bridges that take me to beautiful places, your friendly people, Grass – trees – the ocean, my home, my coffee shop, my friends, my office, all the wonderful things that make you SF – Alcatraz, Sutro Tower, The Golden Gate Bridge, Embarcadero, Cable Cars, BART, all the cyclist, your cute little neighborhoods… I love everything about you, you expensive city you… I will be home soon!

I also miss, ROCK, 5553, James and Beth, Sidney, M&M, Moo, Bug, Sprague, Krista & Fam, Simi & the boys, Steve, Meekers, Pavey, JenJen and Mark, Gina and Ryan, G, Emily, the entirety of the M Din group, Eva, Linsey & Jeff and THE B, Mitz, RyanH, Pat, Icks, Everyone at the office 2000 Sierra Point.

11 days and counting…

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2 Responses to Love Letter to San Francisco

  1. steve says:

    What a beautiful love letter to S.F
    But don’t forget how NY was such a big part of your life and how much stronger that city made you. You went there as a girl and came back a strong successful woman.
    11 days is nothing for you kiddo.
    p.s. You have a coffee shop? Do you have the right to refuse service to circus clowns?
    When you get back let’s get a cup’o’ joe there together.

  2. dear melons,

    sf told me, he misses you too. i just read all of your blogs at once. i thought i had subscribed, but i hadn’t. story of my life. but i wanted you to know, you are in my thoughts daily. i miss you so incredibly much and there have been so many times where i have thought to myself, ‘oh i wish my melons was here to walk, talk, frolic, dance, snuggle, hug, play with me’… i can’t wait to pick you up from the airport. i’m counting the days. (sf is too.)

    with love,
    bug (and sf)

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