See you soon SF…

On my way to the NYC Manhattan Office sitting between someone reading Steinbeck on a Kindle and a woman eating Sashimi.

Both offences.

Steinbeck should be enjoyed via pages, paper pages – sacrilege that it’s available on a Kindle. This is something I have been torn on for quite some time. Electronic means of reading literature, news paper and magazines will most definitely cut back on waste and save trees – but the enjoyment of holding a book, dog earring pages, rolled up newspaper or sharing a section with someone close, grabbing a magazine as a comfort blanket at a doctors’ visit… Torn

Dear Woman who thought that bringing sashimi to eat was a great idea in an enclosed space with re-circulated air; it was not.

I have to say I am still amazed by the invention of air travel, of any kind.

I have two weeks in NYC and leave behind a sick sister, a messy room, all of the people that I love and the SF weather… It’s hot here.. Happy – sleepy and ready to work!

Cabby – please take me to the Fitz on 44th and Lex

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