There is no scientific evidence proving that Shiatsu is effective at treating any disease

But it shouldn’t give you one either….

Gotta love Shiatsu

Even if it is administered from a practitioner of pain in a dodgy “happy ending” massage location in Rochelle Park (I will withhold the address to protect the guilty) I went in with radiating pain down my leg, on the verge of a migraine, poor circulation looking for a Shiatsu Japanese medicine miracle worker. What I got was the most amazing massage I have ever received that made my eyes water, nose run, sweat glands kick into overdrive and increased circulation that I instantly looked 2 years younger. All this from a sweet 80 lbs Japanese woman who only spoke to me through her Pimp, Miss Patty.

The place was surprisingly clean. Like a dirty bird I was listening closely to hear for noises in the next room. I got to sign in myself, with pencil when I prepaid so I knew that both Carl and Sal were in the building with me in case we were raided..

I asked to use the bathroom because I was curious, I wish I hadn’t. Shower! As expected. I treated the bathroom like I do the Port Authority restrooms. Thank god for hand sanitizer.

Oh Fiji Salon…Even if I only suspected you; **door bell entry, and pre pay and pencil bookkeeping and all – at 60 bucks for 80 minutes you might be beauty’s best kept secret after all. Happy ending indeed.

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