“If I were a gal I’d marry a cucumber”…

An excerpt from an email exchanged today between me and my BFF Steve S.

“Marriage is so much work it’s become even with being single.

If I were you I’d just stay single and live a long happy life!!

If I were a gal I’d marry a cucumber.”

Now Steve and I have been friends for a very long time between us we have 5 marriages and 4 divorces.

I am not sure if that makes us experts on the subject or an unreliable source. I love the idea of marriage and I happen to know a very happy and healthy married couple. I also love the ease of choice with being single I know some happy healthy singltons too.

O.K. So last night I was having a conversation about bachelorette parties. Heidi is planning one for a friend. Deep in the discussion of penis whistles, and sex toys it occurred to me.. what is a bachelorette party really for?

The modern concept is to celebrate the final days of “being single” but you are not single you are engaged. Being single wasn’t all that great to you to begin with that is why you started dating this wonderful man that you finally accepted a proposal from – what is this whole last night of being single – shiny show me your tits beads, tiara, strippers, penis whistle bullshit anyway.

Shouldn’t a bachelorette party really be for someone who is single? The very meaning of the word BACHELORETTE! The stripper/penis whistle offered as ‘consolation’ prize for the fact that they are not actually getting those things on a regular basis like a married person would?

I don’t get it. I asked Heidi who is planning the bachelorette party if she can turn it into a fundraising benefit for a cucumber farm for us spinsters!

Three Cheers for a long happy life whatever your status…Single, Divorced, Separated or Married….or about to get married ..

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