Men at Work:

I was on the bus this morning, the 163T to the Port Authority to be exact, near the Lincoln Tunnel I noticed some construction and equipment and big piles of dirt. It got me thinking. Is there anywhere in the US that is not under construction? A city or town where roads aren’t being worked on, buildings being built, bridges being repaired, houses being renovated?

Is there any place where the people are just appreciating all the work that went into building it and enjoying the fruits of their labor?

Then it made me think about my own life. Always under construction. Always being repaired, improved, expanded, condensed, soiled, shined. Have I ever just sat back and just enjoyed my life. Appreciated all the work that went into it. Enjoyed the fruits of my labor?


Why are we all looking to improve? The highways, our communication with our loved ones, our bodies, or financial situation, our planet, our government? Is it to actually achieve an end result and enjoy it when you get there or just on to the next one?

Ambitious? Courageous?  Or just completely pointless.

Enjoy what you have accomplished today without needing anything “better”

~ One and a half hour commute through the tunnel here I come…

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One Response to Men at Work:

  1. jenjen says:

    I think we are innately and intuitively programmed to self-correct. Our bodies and our minds are constantly geared towards balance and homeostasis. We’re like Weebles . . . we get a little sideways at times, but ultimately we always right ourselves.

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