Positive Tattles…

Positive Tattles:

At ROCK we do something called positive tattles. We all sit in a circle and wait patiently to tattle out loud just how appreciative we are at all the good deeds that our friends around us have done that day…

I am slightly behind due to my failing efforts to “settle in” here in New York/New Jersey so I am about to sit around the preverbal circle and wildly wave my arm to tattle on all of the wonderful people around me..

Bean Head: thank you for always supporting me, loving me and being there – you are always there- – but most recently talking me through the planning details and reminding me to take care of my physical and mental health..

The Smalls: I just love all of you. Thank you for the support, the love, the stability and hugs I get from all of you so often. Moo – thank you for the fabulous goodbye dinner, the scarf to keep me warm and all that you do, Bug- thank you for the ride to the airport, the luggage, the love and our impromptu departure dinner and your amazing hugs, M&M I really just couldn’t be more fortunate to have you both in my life…

Deets: seriously it would be an understatement to say anything less than I couldn’t have done this without you. So supportive, so generous, loving, supportive, kind and I just look at you in awe most the time say how the hell does she pull it off, but you do and your amazing. I love you.

Muel: so nice to meet you..thank you for the cuddle. John thank you for making the time and the introduction.

Krista Nicole, Adam and the girls: thank you for my goodbye breakfast, that was such a  great morning, thank you for taking the time, thank you for always making the time to do special things with and for me. True friends with genuine concern and happiness for my wellbeing. Thank you, it brings me so much comfort.

JenJen-thank you for planning girls night out. We had so much fun, didn’t we! You always are so much fun and such a love. Thank you for taking the time and being so inquisitive about my adventure. Thank you for all the offers to assist while I was away and bringing me warmth. You are sweetness personified.

James and Beth – thank you for dealing with my car, keeping my bedroom safe and the house warm, giving Sydney kisses and for all of your love, care and understanding with the misunderstandings of last week. I appreciate the two of you and want you to always know that.

Pav – thank you for making the time for me in your busy schedule. You are always supporting me personally but have been my professional advocate as well and appreciate your guidance and keen negotiating skills. Thank You for also thinking …along with the smalls that I could get The Rock if I just applied myself.

Simi – thank you for your support, especially with your schedule and the kids… thank you for making time and being so supportive..

I would love for you and Sohan to visit : )

Roger- thank you for picking me up all the way at JFK, thank you for the coffee cake, and the conversation and just you being you! I love you buddy so fortunate to know you!

Ryan and Christopher- thank goodness I am in the New York, NJ – not New York, CA

A – looking forward to seeing you in NY… nice surprise.

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