SFO to JFK …T minus 3

A piece from

Grand Central, Track 23

by Elizabeth Skurnick


This story concerns the night I tried to go—

Though many times I flopped into the silence

Of orange plastic seating like onto the bow

Of a lonely ship, and felt my breathing slow.

The frail, retreating stand of columns prevents

The clocks from telling me time and time again to go.

At my feet, a glittering trout swims past the bow.

In three short days I am splitting beautiful San Francisco and headed to glamorous New York City. I will be leaving behind all of my lovely friends, my family, the 50 plus talented, enthusiastic, amazing children that make me smile every Saturday morning, my Civic, my walk in closet, my pharmacy, my beautiful city, the sunshine and my supportive co workers at the SF office to float off to NYC for a month. It’s a work project and I anticipate very long hours. I hope to have the capacity to keep up with everyone. I will post what I am up to on this blog so that you can find out what I am up to.

Dirty Jersey here I come…

Tomorrow night however; girls 80’s night at the Cat Club…. Domo Arigato Mr. Robato….

Good bye Sleep, I will miss you

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